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I put on my blue suede shoes and
came down from the moon tampering
the normalcy of graveyard coast guards
of course there are people like us
like a flock of starved soul craving
for meat virile and vulgar which could
very well have been my splendor
if I had not proclaim the promise
of being dead from the waist down

yes, you showed me this
and the love you carry
piggybacking down the aisle
it could have been a church

they are familiar stangers alright how
well do they speak but yet was I
angered at the way it had to be
the simplest revelations knock me numb
and I was troubled I did say I
didn't like what I see but at least
it got better when I sipped the green
tea as it reminds me of someone and
too I saw on my far right another
that makes me think that I might
have been a wandering old soul

yes, you showed me this
and the love you carry
out to embrace those that
are dear to you

and now I'm delirious and paranoid
of the knowledge stolen from the
garden of eden as it serves
the two different heads I have
I do love the way I am but not
the way life is pride has been
given a face lift which I can't
say is the way things should be
just because of who we are

it is never easy as of before
and as of from now on which
make pills taste as sweet as
nectar from a lover's lips but I do
thank you for the weekend that was

4:30pm 14th August 2000


"it's alive" was written for julian. The poem found its roots one day as I was reading one of his poems.


weekend cruise