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There were about 13
          (me not in counting)
resting backsides on
rows of tired orange chair
          (bright but uncomfortable)
and then there were more,
creating restless air
          (as time stood a still)

Once in a while a head popped out
of the pink door, with names
          (but me, was anonymous)
One can spot an illegal culture
of the ruling of a forbidden class:
white, green, white and stuck up nose
          (and i happen to be neither)
"...! ...! ...!"
you pay 5 like everyone else
you wait like everybody

They are all crazy
somewhere, somewhat
          (somehow including)
They would all one day look back
and know that certain bits
          (and 7 days and more)
of their lives had been retained
for their own sake
          (so they claimed)

          (and so i've waited)

we have all at some point
in our lives, waited
          (and i'm still waiting)
for someone to finally
certify your state of head-being:
a soulmate; a lover; the man in white
          (who called my name from behind my back)



in the waiting