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she was the epitome of my existence
and i, the cryptic she imitates

she housed the cul-de-sac
across my permanent lair
(not a foot on each other's habitat)

she and i, we are close as blood sisters;
as distant as a reflection in the mirror

it's simply ineffable as
god is, love is, beauty is, madness...

she pays me surprise visits

there were times:
i missed the great feast because
she was busy counting the crumbs on
my palm

how we worship each other
envious of the worlds that set us apart
like a dimension slicing time

i need her to show me the demons of truth,
she only wants to play with reality

she is the sylph of my dreams
while i haunt her every conscioussness

like potholes and rain;
filling each other's dot
wounding holes that never heal

(one thing we share)
flirting with hell, seduced by death
juggling fate at the tip of nails

madness, this