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midnight I
dear o-mighty one,
i was hoping you could give me a new pair of wings
my former was stolen by a thief in the dark
though broken and fallen, bruised and bad
it was never returned to my under pillow
afraid i was gonna be crippled for life
i went and borrowed a pair of youthful wings
from an already tainted brother of an angel
my o-mighty one, my brother only has a pair
it was never enough to carry two docile bodies
as my shoulder is weighed down each new day
the pair is getting really worn-out and ageing too quickly
grant me my wish, greet me a hope so i will trust
place it near the fireplace to keep the feathers warm
so that when it is ready by one midnight
i will float on it through the black clouds
to my brother's bedside and return it under his pillow
i will then put on the old one, now feathering off slowly
and fly away quietly ...

m i d n i g h t

midnight II
i have to talk to you about my wings
i don't need it anymore
so i would like you to return it to
the rightful owner, the old one
i had trimmed and preserved nicely
like a treasured gift so full of memories
i know the owner would like to have it returned
i wouldn't want it to grow dusty and old again
when it can still be used to fly
why would i need it anymore
when i don't want to fly anymore.