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you are two years lack but a man.
they said we were blood-connected.
i argued we were stringed by time,
the third after second sister.

you were a loser, denied education.
listened to green day, inhaled grass.
naive to danger, stole two wheels.
envious of me, broken into my room.

you are two years lack but a man.
out on the field armourless and dry.
i shed baby tears while you defended,
against the blood under those eyes.

you built pain upon silenced tongued.
hate with gaze that speaks confusion.
depress the revenge with sullen guilt.
angry at the asunder of the two poles.

you are two years lack but a man.
pay my white ward a slumber so ignorant.
noticing the blood clot on my cheeks,
not rosy, not blushing but poison.

you rise from a broken nation.
two men, now one, lacking woman.
you have a crippled manhood.
and a crazy sister to boost.

you are two years lack but a man.
             two years lack but a man.
you do not know how much i miss you.
i will see you when i am new, New.


he is my only true connection to my family blood