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you don't call
I check again
I become uneasy -
      is this a frame?
Suddenly I'm not so sure
I check my resources
each conversation becomes a crumb
how easily I'm led
how stupid I've been
to believe
you could be
loving me
you who can not be seduced
by anything other than
the temperance
of need
      each one facilitating the next
and suddenly I see my place
the phone rings
you say hello
but I don't believe you

jewel kilcher

Words found scribbled on the first page of the book "A Night Without Armor" (1998) that belongs to me:

when the sun finally lets out a sigh of vague appearance from its forever position; behind the grey clouds above my head.

honesty that screams
in the silence of words.

28th Nov '99


a night without armor